Our Customers’ Requests – Small Business Owners (Part 4)

How often have you heard the expression `Time is money`? It’s not a concern for the small business owners, who can’t afford to waste time.

When you recognize how technology can help you grow and develop your business prospects, you will need to put into effect technological solutions to make your business more profitable, and you will need to decrease your routine work in general.

Our team VAfromEurope is definitely aware of the process of marshalling papers, files, and dealing with databases and documentation. Take a look at your business process. Is there work that you have to cope with again and again, but which you could automatize with the help of technology?

It doesn`t matter who you are- a manager, an owner of the company or you just work with various data – you might always be stuck in a rut.

For instance:

  • You might have a good CRM system but do you have enough employees to maintain this framework? What will this maintaince require? Here one can leverage outsourcing;
  • Do you have internet businesses? You regularly need to create newsletters for clients, who are interested in your business.
  • Do you have a website, and you need to update data? In practice, every business has lots of files to get through.

One example of our work: a client has lots of business documents that have been collected for 20 years. He wants to do a mailing and to contact all the companies he has been working with previously. So we have different files and photos with information and our task is to select the needed contact info and to insert it into one spreadsheet so that it will be easy for a client to use. Undoubtedly, it’s a task for a data entry proffecional, and we can cope with it, too.

Anyway, if you have lots of data in different files, in various formats, or you need to search some data and to gather it all and put into one spreadsheet – it is a task for a virtual assistant and an opportunity for you to save your time for more useful tasks, while an assistant is preparing all the information for you.

At the stage when your business is working proficiently, it gives you more opportunities to showcase your business and strike deals.