How To Choose The Right 3D Animation Software?

3D animation combines art and math in the way where colors and numbers create alternative worlds where you can’t see the fragile line between fantasy and reality. Latest 3D animation software will allow you make your own ideas real and alive.

Learning how to use one of the best 3D animation software might be challenging, yet you will definitely be pleased with the results. Obviously, this process might take some time, but you will catch up later when difficult tasks are done with phenomenal speed and quality.

Depending on your knowledge and goals you can choose from different tools. Most of them can be used by both amateurs and pros, but it will be better if you take your time to find the one that perfectly fits you. For example, Autodesk 3D with lots of extensions from other companies which simplifies your work process is easy for beginners. However, if you already have good experience in 3D animation, Foundry products would be a great asset for you.

Choosing the tool to learn is highly important for your future 3D animation success. It is an investment in yourself so take your time to think it through properly. Once you start your learning process you wouldn’t like to switch applications back and forth, so choose wisely.

Autodesk – Top 3D Animation Software

Among many others, the major part in 3D animation world plays Autodesk. It offers Maya and 3ds Max software options. Its tools are universal to use for both newbies and professionals. Autodesk software provides the endless variety of options, like lighting and simulation. It is widely used for video games and manga creation. Email and online forum support allow you to keep up with news and communicate in the easiest way possible. Such wide range of options and possibilities to implement many extensions will help you make a tremendous progress towards your abilities’ growing.

Autodesk tools are perfect for digital production, such as movies, games and broadcast television. They make the production of animations and scenery a lot easier for both novices and pros, that’s why they are legitimately considered as one of the best 3D animation software.

Maxon – Best Software for Rendering

Maxon tools have its pros and cons. They may seem a little bit complicated at first but overall are considered as a user-friendly 3D software that fits everyone despite user’s level of background. The key feature of Maxon animation products is its fast rendering. It is also worth mentioning that these tools are known for its Photoshop-friendly options.

One of the Maxon’s products is Cinema 4D. Although it’s easier to use compared to other alternative tools, still it can’t be seen as a simple one. Learning this one requires a deep background in animation sphere, often possessed by professionals. Cinema 4D is considered as one of the best tools for graphic artists, who have few experience in 3D tools.

3D Animation Software: What to Look For

Choosing the right 3D animation software is a long and difficult process, which may confuse you. To make this burden easier for you, we have created summaries of key aspects, you should look into.

Modeling Features

Among other modeling styles, we singled out three most common, which are polygon, subdivision, and NURBS. First two are represented in most, if not all software. As for NURBS, you can find it only in best of the best tools packages. Polygon uses 2 dimension system, which consists of vertices connection. Subdivision, on the other hand, goes further and uses 3D shapes which result in smooth surfaces. NURBS involves curve-based modeling technique, that helps to create smooth and organic surfaces.

Animation Features

Creation of animation requires a lot of efforts. Making your character look alive needs even more than that. The more realistic you want to make your creation, the more animation layers you have to implement. Using software which supports editable motion features will simplify your production process and help you customize it the way you imagine. And, of course, don’t forget to add audio effects to complete your masterpiece.

Intuitive User Interface

3D animation software can be pretty tricky in handling it. While choosing the tool you’re going to learn how to pay attention to its interface. The handy interface will save you a lot of time and efforts. If you are an experienced user, it would be useful to customize your workspace according to your needs. In that case, it will help to increase your productivity.


Nowadays it’s almost impossible to create something that meets everyone’s needs. That’s why developers gave up on stuffing modern software with plenty of options that might be useful for ones and an obstacle for the others at the same time. Instead of that, they started to put those options into packages that can be set up if the user needs it. That’s where extensions step up.

You won’t find 3D animation software that will have everything you need and exclude everything you don’t. Thus, while looking for a tool to learn, choose the one that has a feature to add plugins or extensions as needed. In that case, you’ll have more freedom in your newly created animation world.

Still not sure which tool to choose? Or maybe you are too busy to look for 3D animation software? Then our animation experts at VAfromEurope can help you create your desired animated masterpiece!