Tips For Successful Email Marketing

One of the most important steps in assuring the effectiveness of the activity of each company is to attract customers and partners as well as create their database. The main aim of the company is to constantly fill up customer base.

Therefore, cold mailing is a necessity in the world of sales, marketing, and business. It’s a way of getting new clients and possibilities, building relations with the companies that haven’t been in touch with your company before.

Correctly organized mailing lists can help to make your profit. Due to our experience and work with clients, who use our services of lead generation, we can analyze and talk about the pros and cons of emailing as a source of attracting customers.

It is considered that email campaign is the most efficient channel of company sales.

Mailing campaign is an efficient tool for reaching the target audience. And marketing team has to consider a few important factors:

  • Company strategic goals;
  • Company size;
  • Understanding of the target audience;
  • The services offered in an email campaign must match the services provided on the website.

What are the obstacles a company faces when launching the mailing campaign?

  • Incorrect email;
  • Returned email (if your letter contains an attached file, it may be identified as spam).

Expectations, statistics, and real mailing results

Basically, a client expects the maximum feedback from respondents. Just by relying on articles without any first-hand marketing experience, your expectations and desires could be unreal. After reading various articles, you can actually think that if you get the right audience and find their correct emails, the positive result of the email campaign would be 50%.

The result depends on a company size and recognition. If your company is a start-up, don’t expect very good results. Approximately it would be around 1-5% of sent emails with a received feedback.

Email marketing needs permanency

However, it must be taken into account that preparing, executing and maintaining an email marketing campaign is a routine process. It requires:

  • Targeting the right audience (preparing databases with the potential clients according to strategic tasks of the company);
  • Searching and entering data into a database (CRM);
  • Creating an email template.

Searching the companies is not enough, you have to include a list of the key decision-makers for the strategic partnership. The correct email address is very important. Essentially, the process of creating a target list and email campaign takes a lot of time and needs permanent attention besides the strategic questions and exact correspondence with the customer (once you receive the reply). That’s why such work is often outsourced.

Template creation

Depending on the purpose, you can send ordinary letters or letters with design elements. Corporate colors, logos, active social networks, links on the website – everything could be included in the template. You can create a template yourself or delegate the task to a designer – it is up to you.

Thus, sales manager deals with correspondence after receiving feedback and negotiating within their competence. I can definitely say, that the result this sales channel brings is the result of a teamwork. It takes time and understanding of needs of a particular business and also a great deal of patience. The number of the emails depends on different things – whether you use an automated mailing through CRM systems and mailing tools (MailChimp, Aweber) or you do it manually.
Obviously, your time and patience are of great importance. Who and when will help you in this – it also depends on the company’s decision. Outsourcing can become a solution that will help with lead generation and cost optimization.