Questions To VA: Keywords

Everyone who has ever faced with the need to develop its own website has repeatedly heard of the SEO concept. One of the basic SEO elements is keywords. What is the idea of keywords? What are they for?

These questions are often asked by our customers. That’s why we have decided to create a questionnaire with the top questions that might be helpful for business owners.

So keywords are words that allow users to find relevant content for their needs in the search engine.

A website that is well optimized for search engines ’speaks the same language‘ as its potential user base.

Search engines rank sites in the search queue by many factors, one of which is the relevancy of the key query. If the site owner, having placed the information, did not provide the content with the required level of correspondence to the topic, then the pages of such site in terms of the search engine are not useful to the user and will not be displayed in the top of search engine result page (SERP).

What does one need to know when choosing keywords?

  • To start with, it is necessary to look at it from a potential client’s perspective. You need to think as a client who will search for your product or service;
  • It is necessary to study the industry trends in which the client – the owner of the website – works;
  • Competitors’ Keywords. Gathering such Information allows to add to the list new enquiries useful for promoting. Also it helps to make a decision about adding to the website various interesting elements of content.

When is needed to create a list of keywords for a website?

A rule of thumb says that one has to create keywords list at the stage of launching website and at the beginning of marketing campaign.

Does the list of keywords require the revision, and when?

Definitely, yes. You need to control the effectiveness of the keywords, change or replace them when their performance and effectiveness decreases substantially.

Everything depends on the website. However, the practice shows that this should be done at least once every 6 months.

How many keywords should be created at the launching stage? Between 15 and 20. Why?

It is essential to make sure that at the initial stage of the website’s semantic kernel implementation keywords do not ’cannibalize’ each other.

How many keywords need to be on a website page?

The average keyword density for a page should not be more than 1-3% of webpage content.

Are there any rules one has to follow when using keywords?

  • Unique keywords should be used on every website’s page;
  • Keywords might include either one word or whole phrases (2-3 words). They can be short- or long-tail.

Keywords that consist of just one word are frequently not very relevant.

It is recommended to take the market by storm with long-tail keywords (phrases) that have less competition but bring you higher relevance.

How many keywords should be on a website or web platform in general?

Each page should be fоcused on not more than 2 or 3 keywords. Most important keywords have to be placed in ‘title’ and ‘meta’ tags of the page. If the page is optimized for multiple keywords at the same time, the search engine will not be able to distinguish the semantic core of the page and thus will not consider it as a relevant content to a specific search query. To hit top positions in search engine rankings, each page should be focused on certain keywords. If you want to promote a website with multiple keywords, you need to increase the number of pages.

Where can we apply keywords besides the website?

Marketing strategy should be a closed cycle where every element complements each other. One of these elements is keywords. Therefore, you can use them not only on the website pages but also for social media and articles.


We hope that our quick guide has responded to frequently asked questions from our actual and prospective customers about SEO and keywords.

Our VAfromEurope team has the expertise in this area and is always happy to help you.