Our Experience in Building a Call Center from Scratch

Due to an incredible rise of businesses, the need for maximally effective call centers appears to be of paramount importance nowadays. In comparison with onsite call centers, the virtual ones have a number of advantages to take into consideration. Creating a virtual call center business from scratch is a challenge that calls for good management practices as well as successful communication and cooperation maintenance. Not only being flexible but also professional and well organized, one can create a successful business platform from scratch.


  • One should be decisive and far-sighted to take the challenge of setting up a call center afresh.

One of our recent experiences is serving as a virtual inbound customer support call center of a US clinic with few offices. The company has its own front office in the clinic. As the number of patients was growing, the front desk could not handle all the workload appearing. Subsequently, the owners decided to find the best solution for improving the quality of administrative services.Increasing the number of staff calls fora bigger office, additional equipment and much more. How to do that if you are not a big company, you don`t have the experience necessary, but need to improve the quality of your services? The outsourcing service we propose is the best way out possible.

VAfromEurope has experience with customization various phone support solutions and tasks on a client’s requests (inbound or outbound calls) no matter whether it is an administrative task, sales, etc. Right training for right stuff from an experienced team is key to your success.

What is more, we are eager to work with small businesses as well and can help them to create and successfully develop their business platforms from a fresh start.


  • Mutual communication maintenance accompanied by a flexible cooperation model is a pledge of success

If one wants to build a call center as a fresh start, his first priority issue should be to maintain fruitful cooperation and efficient communication on both sides. Listening and hearing each other is another crucial point here.

Our assistance to our partners in creating their own remote call center has included:

  • Hired the stuff in accordance with the client’s requirements ( medical education and strong English- Spanish or English -Russian language skills as well as sticking to US working hours, good customer support skills, ability to work according to US schedule, attention to details);
  • Passed HIPAA Certification (being an obligatory one for all the US medical workers);
  • Handled customer support personnel training;
  • Created internal instructions and FAQ section for the call center;
  • Bought special equipment (e.g. headphones, computer working stations, etc.)

Our VAfromEurope team demonstrated flexibility and adjusted our virtual employees to the client’s demands and vision.

In the course of our functioning, we stick to the following principles:

  • Communication is used to streamline processes. When there are no instructions, you are to create them.
  • Well-established systems for making calls and CRM are of paramount importance;
  • Understanding of internal communications of the client and his responsible persons;
  • Studying conditions of the collaboration with other clinic partners such as  insurance companies and  pharmaceutical companies
  • To leverage the existing advantages to the fullest

Our main advantage over the rest majority of the organizations alike is that we closely cooperate with a maternal IT company, which provides us with all the upgrading work needed on a constant basis.

Subsequently, the Benefits of setting up a virtual call center are as follows:

  • Cutting the overhead cost of staff, data management, equipment, and payrolls
  • Saving on office space
  • Quality and accuracy of service along with the fair pricing and flexibility
  • High reliability and productivity
  • Privacy Policy being strictly followed (with all the necessary NDA documents signed)

Last but not least…

To build a call center from scratch is a really challenging and multilateral task to fulfill, which calls for mutual understanding, fruitful cooperation and communication maintenance on both sides. However, one should always be ready to take a risk and make compromises to get a positive result in the end.