HIPAA Compliance for Customer Support

We live in an era of information in its wide variety of forms and modes. Nowadays, information turns out to be the biggest treasure of modernity; the one owning it is literally reigning the world. Personal information is an immutable part of one’s identity, something unique and highly essential everyone has. Nevertheless, it frequently happens that the personal information (PI) becomes an object of numerous privacy hacker attacks, ransomware attacks and other forms of human rights and freedoms violations. The healthcare sphere appears to be one of the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks presently.

Our VAfromEurope team launched a call center for an American company in 2019, and, has been going on with the cooperation for a year. Consequently, we met a necessity to comply with HIPAA Rules being obligatory for a medical sphere in America and Canada.

HIPAA Rules & Standards regulations were made to prevent medical establishments as well as their third party entities from any personal data breaches and to ensure better patients’ information protection and security.

What HIPAA is all about?

There exist two main healthcare regulations: HIPAA Privacy Rules and Security Rules. Privacy Rules deal with PHI (personal health information) recording, accessing and sharing. Customer Support employees should be aware of all the minor points concerning personal information handling and personal information sensitivity. In its turn, the Security Rules chapter is filled with instructions on proper personal health information storing both physically and electronically.It is all about hacks protection, information encrypting, strong passwords and reliable firewalls. Personnel should always log off in case of leaving and never make their passwords or code words either visible or accessible to the others.

Why choose HIPAA compliant call centers?

  • Your PHI is always safeguarded;
  • Data leaks and breeches are constantly tracked and immediately reported;
  • All the data is properly encrypted;
  • All the staff is educated and regulated appropriately;
  • Patient data access is strictly limited, etc.

HIPAA rules and norms serve the patients to feel perfectly calm and secure in terms of their past and current medical histories presentation and keeping. Treatments, medicines prescribed, demographic information and payment information details are all kept safe and under the strict prohibition against disclosure.

Our customer support service is exactly the one that is HIPAA trained and, subsequently, certified. We are constantly striving to stay HIPAA compliant and thus are practicing initiatives and tendencies to serve our clients’ confidentiality and ensure their medical histories are secure. If you want to launch a business (trainings, certification processes, etc.), we are constantly open to discussion and further cooperation.


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