YouTube Channel Promotion: Practice-Based Tips and Ideas

Busy world of the present demands flexibility and speed to become successful while, on the other hand, it opens a number of new gates to enter and get what you need. SMM tools are being widely discussed and used nowadays with their huge potential in the business world gradually unveiling. Besides a number of social networks, website blogs, etc., YouTube is one more highly effective promotion channel with perspective growth. To turn this search engine into your ‘first-hand assistant’ as well as ‘first-class promoter’, it would be highly useful to dig into the most effective tricks to implement on a way to making your video score really high. 

In the pool of tips and pieces of advice existing, it appears to be really hard, even challenging, to choose a strategy appealing to you. In the article, we would try to provide a short insight into the issue and to focus on practice-based promotion ideas with YouTube. 

Get to know the audience you are planning to focus on 

Every action calls for deliberate planning and the right organization by all means. A YouTube channel promotion should start with a target audience proper investigation. Every business is obliged to be well aware of what his audience is, what interests it pursues and what ‘language’ it speaks. On having this basis, content creation and video posting stages are free to be planned further on.  

Keyword Tools 

Keyword proper planning and choosing are of utmost importance if you are chasing success. Maintain perfect balance, though. Never make your video stuffed with keywords, use a couple of them in the beginning, ending and in the middle instead, including a title as a first priority. 

Content matters 

Content is a star in your YouTube channel promotion campaign. A compelling, useful and properly presented description is a key to success. If your video content is both target audience adjusted and keyword checked, you are almost there. 

Do not forget about your Video Embedding 

To make your product familiar with, let the others share it. In case your followers could share your videos to their social network profiles, timelines, etc., your audience is bound to increase considerably. And that is what is being strived for: more people watching > more popularity > more traffic and higher rankings. 


Be consistent. Upload new video regularly no matter time span. Your dedicated followers are waiting for new information and are ready to get and familiarize themselves with it on a permanent basis. Do not make them disappointed and, subsequently, do not lose your chance to get popular. 

Apart from those key factors, there exist many additional ones, such as watch time, video transcription, optimization services, playlists creating, and much more, to serve as the assistance tools for YouTube channel promotion. 

Is that all? Definitely not. On surfing through a great number of different sources, we managed to come across a couple of essential moments to serve well here.  

Have you ever thought about the best time for a YouTube video uploading? Not exactly? It is a period when most of your followers are online. Unfortunately, YT does not provide such information. The only way out is to experiment and spend several days making posts on YT at different times. The game is worth the candles, as knowing your own ‘rush hour’ is highly essential. 

Video commenting is the best advertising ever. How to collect those ‘so-much-needed’ comments? 

First of all, let us reflect on a belief that naturally, people are not apt to be the first leaving comments. So, you are to either leave a comment below your video yourself or ask some of your friends to do it. Be aware to make the commenting short and informative; filled with funny or some extraordinary language.  

What is more, there exists one interesting way to multiply the video comments. Putting an informative and highly interesting comment under the top videos in your niche is bound to bring new followers and, consequently, new value, to your YT channel.  

Last but not least: every video posted should be of high quality: clear sound and sharp images together with a proper musical accompaniment will make your audience stay on your channel for a while. 

YouTube channel promotion is a rather time- and effort-consuming task. It is impossible to make your video popular without making all its integral parts of high quality and working in unison. Do not get embarrassed, though. Let’s do it together! 


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