April Social Services and Networks News Digest

The current situation of global lockdowns combined with a human necessity for social interaction results in a growing demand in the video and audio conferencing tools to serve best. The existing media market, in its turn, is trying hard to satisfy the people’s needs and thus more and more social apps and services are being continuously presented to the public. What is more, they are frequently facilitated and enhanced. 

This monthly digest we would like to start with Facebook’s latest innovative steps, as one of the giants of the social network services provider. 

Facebook Outlines a Range of New Video Tools, Including Messenger Rooms for Group Video Hangouts 

Lately, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a number of video tools enhancements via Facebook Live stream. Why Live steam namely? Facebook CEO has stated that such a communication channel is going to be preferred for various types of information exchange presently.  

What exactly video tools have been mentioned? 

  • WhatsApp: an increase in video chats participants (from 4 to 8), better security and privacy measures as well as a service of group video calls enhancements; 
  • Messenger: 360 virtual backgrounds and ‘Mood Lighting’ effects new options provided; 
  • MessengerKids: more regional expansion due to a considerable service demand increase in the crisis environment. 

However, the strongest emphasis is put on the new Messenger Rooms option in Facebook messenger, which is accessible via a number of different Facebook’s application.  

What is there so peculiar and special about the app? 

  • A Room can be started any time with no previous scheduling and with the listing of the current active Rooms being provided to a user; 
  • you can freely use the Messenger Rooms while making an appointment in advance if you prefer to have everything ordered and structured; 
  • up to 50 participants can lead a conversation simultaneously with no time limitations; 
  • you can send invites to those you want even if the latter do not have an active Facebook account. 

The Messenger Rooms provides fantastic opportunities of high-quality connections and has been announced to pose a threat to Zoom because of its flexibility, configuration, design and functionality advantages. The service is being tested at the moment and is due for release in a few weeks. 

 So, do not miss a new social communication platform option and make the best of it. 


Facebook Expands Access to Option to Transfer Your Photos and Videos to Google Photos 

To go on with a thread of the news feed on Facebook, let us put an accent on its activity in the framework of the Data Transfer Project concerning a sharing initiative among a number of tech companies such as Apple, Google, Twitter and Microsoft. The cooperation is aimed at a digital information access and ownership widening and facilitation.  

One of the earliest developments of the system mentioned above is an expansion of new function of the Facebook media content being freely shifted to Google photos if needed. Presently, the service is accessible in the US and Canada as well. That’s the principle of data portability, which gives people control and choice while also encouraging innovation.”The Facebook original announcement goes. 


WhatsApp Officially Launches New, 8-Person Group Video Chat Option 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are isolated from friends and family, and as a result, we’ve seen that people are turning to voice and video calling on WhatsApp more than ever before.” So, more on WhatsApp innovations. 

Up to 8 participants; 

  • end-to-end encryption (security and privacy improvement); 
  • available through Facebook’s portal; 
  • the systems demands lessening (for the users from the developing countries to use the app smoothly). 

P.S. Important: if you want to use the 8-people WhatsApp version, install (update) the latest version of the app. 


Instagram Provides Tips on How Brands Can Use Stories to Connect With Audiences Amid  


Unlike the previous one, the current news report will be about the use of messaging and the right way for the marketers to communicate with their audiences in these hard times. Instagram Stories and their application is the key message topic of the texting provided. Catch the six tips Instagram provides to use the Stories most efficiently: 

  1. Make it easy to support (innovative gift cards and the stickers for food ordering) 
  1. Uncover, share and thus inform (trusted news, messages, e.g. Stay at Home sticker, etc.) 
  1. Speak up (share your hardships and solutions found in the Covid-19 pandemic situation) 
  1. Engage and motivate (question stickers and tool, e.g. Countdown sticker) 
  1. Follow and answer FAQs (demonstrate respect and care towards your audience) 
  1. Interact with the audience (templates to re-share and tag friends in Stories) 

Utilize the Instagram Stories tips, especially if you are a marketer or a brand, to make the interaction with your current and prospective customers maximally effective and promising. 


Interested? A couple of news on Twitter services still to go. 

Twitter Shuts Down its SMS Service Over Security Concerns, Millions Reportedly Impacted 

Twitter SMS service is to be closed. No more messages and enjoying ‘twits’ through texting anymore. 

 Why? Due to a number of vulnerabilities detected but not publicly reported; security concerns and policies. 

What to do? Download Twitter mobile application to your smartphones instead.  

What about Twitter accounts managing issues? ‘Important SMS messaging” will be saved. 

The piece of news in several questions. Hope it was quite informative and easy to get.  

For more details visit:  

Twitter Provides Access to COVID-19 Related Tweet Dataset to Assist Researchers 

Twitter, like a number other social networks, announced about its readiness to provide its conversation data sets to assist in Covid-19 fight. What such a source of information can offer to the world? Actually, twitter conversation content has already proved being highly effective: it helped greatly while making earthquakes reports, crimes and other tumults predictions, etc. Consequently, ‘twittering’ is believed to make a difference while talking about the virus spread and issues research. 

No private and secured personal information will be uncovered though.  


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