December Social Media Digest

In 2020 the number of active social media users reached whopping number of almost 4 billion people. The frustration of pandemic throughout last year urged us to seek extra communication, entertainment and boosted online sales, thus people tended to spend a lot more time online. Thus social media platforms were forced to launch extra features both for Business owners and private users.   

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Facebook implements some restrictions to messaging because of changes in Privacy Laws 

To comply with Europe’s ‘ePrivacy Directive’ Facebook had to make some changes to its engagement tools and to Messenger API usage as well. It mostly impacts European businesses and third-party applications like Hootsuite, though core functions like messaging and calling service will not be affected. 

  • The user profile picturewill no longer be displayed in inbox private messages, comments, replies etc.  
  • Facebookusers cannot be mentioned on Pages or in public conversations etc. 
  • Messenger Group Chat Pollsand setting nicknames for friends on Messenger will be switched off.    

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 Instagram complies with Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 

As well as Facebook, Instagram is also affected by ‘ePrivacy Directive’ so it disables the ability to create polls in applications and bans the usage of augmented reality image filters on Instagram messages. Although the Directive says nothing about Instagram polls and selfie stickers, they are switched off as well. 

Though there is some good news as well. As we spent more time onlineeCommerce went through the roof. On Instagram online shopping is available in the Feed, IGTV, Stories and Live. From now on it is available on Reels too, thus businesses and ads creators are allowed to tag their products, while customers can buy or save products by tapping “View Products” button 

Instagram rolls out a remix of your friends’ photos for funnier conversations  

So now you can mix photos and send them back. You just view your friend’s photo message, tap the camera icon and capture your reply. Then you can move or resize the photo, perform a twist with stickers, text, and drawings. And that is it.   

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Twitter launches Clubhouse-like audio Spaces feature 

Only a small group of users is invited to test this feature. The virtual rooms function will allow users to have an audio-only meeting. Those meetings are supposed to be indicated by a purple icon on the creators’ Fleets bubble.  

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LinkedIn introduces new company page roles 

Right before the end of 2020 LinkedIn launched new company page roles like Super AdminContent AdminCuratorAnalyst and a separate category of “Paid Media Admins”: Sponsored Content PosterLead Gen Forms ManagerPipeline Builder.  

  • ContentAdmin has access to creating and managing Page content. 
  • Curator can recommend the content to be posted, the responsible personhas also access to insights on performance. 
  • Analysthas access to Analytics tab of a Page, but access to Company Page is limited.     

Content AdminCuratorAnalyst are the brand new. As of now they are available only for the selected Pages.   

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TikTok adds a new feature 

This app has become a discovery. With its momentum in 2020 and fast growing audience it strives to provide more entertainment. A ‘Year in Review is the new feature on TikTok that allows you to highlight the most entertaining things you interacted with throughout a year. This is your personal highlight clip with your likes and comments, similar to Facebook “Memories”.     

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