The Best Photo And Video Editing Apps For Your Social Media

Due to the pandemic, Social Media has gained momentum. It’s no secret that visual content is pivotal for marketers, especially now, when many businesses went online. Statistically, your ad or a post image/video has up to 5 seconds to catch a customer’s eye. So, now you have to make it even “tastier” and more appealing.

Business owners and other clients often seek the help of virtual assistants with improving the quality and adjusting the size/length of photo/video content to SM. Business owners and SM managers use various applications for that. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to help you resize pictures, improve quality, apply filters and effects etc. VAfromEurope has prepared a list of applications to every taste.

The best applications for photo editing are:

  • Pixlr
  • VSCO
  • InFltr
  • WordSwag
  • PicCollage
  • Snapseed

Let’s take a closer look at each of them. The best photo editing applications are:


This one is extremely popular with both iOS and Android users. It has plenty of editing tools that will take your SM content a few steps forward. You can crop, resize and change pics the way you like, make collages and even apply filters and effects, add text. The application adjusts a color with auto-fix. Moreover, it has many other “tasty” features.


VSCO is a photo-sharing, easy-to-use tool, but it works perfectly well. It improves quality, besides the common ones it gives more advanced features like making a video collage by combining video, photos etc, and many more.


InFltr is a very simple to use application. More than seven million possible filter combinations give you a chance to change it instantly by dragging the finger across the screen. The only drawback it has is the fact that the free version has limited features.


The application provides high-quality graphics, stylish free backgrounds and fonts, easy sharing for SM platforms, high-resolution quality for printing. WordSwag gives you the option of adding your company logo to the picture, but you need to purchase a premium subscription for that.


It’s perfect for making collages from your pictures. You’ll find lots of stickers and fonts there to make your pics more playful and definitely appreciate the option of sharing your work directly to Social Media. The application is free, but for premium features like removing a watermark, you need to purchase a subscription.


This app is rather for a discerning user, not an average one. As a professional photographer, you’ll get a variety of top-notch tools and filters like Lens Blur, Retrolux and Double Exposure for editing your pictures. Nondestructive editing makes it perfect because you can always go back to the editing layers and correct or even delete each of them. The platform allows experimenting with the range of exposure, filters, brushes and colors.

Check out the table with all the pros and cons:


The best applications for video editing are: 

  • Adobe Premiere Rush 
  • iMovie 
  • LumaFusion 
  • Splice 
  • FilmoraGo 

 Adobe Premiere Rush 

Adobe Premiere Rush is actually a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It has a variety of features like filming from the application, adjusting your video to the sound you like, enhancing colors or fonts customizing etc. The application is indispensable for making videos for Instagram and Facebook for it provides the right aspect ratio. Premium subscription gives access to advanced features like sound balancing etc.  


As well as the previous one, this app also allows filming directly from the application. You can easily select photos and videos from the gallery, apply one of the 13 pre-designed filters, automatically adjust the soundtrack to the length of the video. Unfortunately, the app is available only on iOS devices.   


LumaFusion is a bit more advanced, which provides a lot of professional features apart from standard ones. You can add free music and sounds, correct colors, adjust and import fonts, and many more.  But, unfortunately it can be used only on iOS devices.    


This one, powered by GoPro allows making collages from different videos, trimming and cutting them. You can add your own narration or songs from the library. The app is also user-friendly with no sign-in and watermark.  


FilmoraGo gives you a feeling of editing your movie on the desktop. Besides standard features, it provides trimming/cutting/splitting/reversing features, as well as speed control. What’s more, it has no watermark and doesn’t limit you in time.  

Check out the table with all the pros and cons: 


It’s up to you which application to use for you to stand out, but we’ve made sure you’ll choose the right one. Hope this was helpful! To get more news, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter.