June 2022 Social Media Digest

Summer is in full swing but social media giants are working to improve users’ experience, help brands build their presence, and ease marketers’ life. Here is the most useful Social Media news of June.

Meta expands its contact option for businesses

Facebook and Instagram users have always been complaining about the lack of contact options for businesses. Facebook Marketing Experts has evolved into the Meta Pro Team. It is a team of professionals who help small businesses with their strategic marketing guidance. As of June, the new Pro team provides the levers of support:

– Meta Marketing Pro provides live support regarding Meta technologies.

– Meta Technical Pro provides guidance on Pixel, Product Catalogue, Conversions API, etc.

– Meta Support Pro provides help regarding troubleshooting, ad restrictions, and billing.

This option is not available to all marketers right away, but Meta Team is working on expanding it to all users.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/meta-provides-expanded-business-support-through-updated-pro-team-initiati/626354/

Messenger gets a new ‘Calls’ Tab

Meta is trying to boost calls through the app. The lower toolbar of the application received a new button ‘Calls’ in addition to other buttons. The service of audio and video calls has been growing rapidly over the past few years. The new feature expands on the use of Messenger without forcing in other tools.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/meta-adds-new-calls-tab-in-messenger-leaning-into-evolving-connection-ac/624756/

Twitter focuses on audio options

In June Twitter significantly updated its Spaces. From now on Spaces recordings can live as long as users want since their shelf life is extended infinitely. A new record listing within the application allows users to play recordings back, delete no longer needed ones and share them from the menu. This new feature will add more value to Spaces by turning them into podcasts. The platform is also working on Twitter ‘Stations’ which aims at incorporating the recordings into a stream. Last month Twitter also rolled out a new option for iOS users allowing them to record a Space even when it is over. In this case, ‘REC’ marker won’t be on to alert other users that the Spaces is being recorded. And finally, the Spaces bar for Android users got some new elements revealing more information on hosts and topics being discussed.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/twitter-adds-new-spaces-recording-and-management-tools-as-it-continues-to-f/626439/

Instagram Reels get new features

Instagram Reels has been the fastest growing trend and that is why the platform is trying to push it even further. The biggest June update for Reels is the longer clips – up to 90 seconds since all the alternative apps are also increasing their limits. The previous limit was only – 30 seconds. The second update is the addition of new stickers – polls, quizzes, and emoji stickers. Stories stickers like ‘poll’, and ‘quiz’ are aimed at improving users’ engagement. The new import option also allows uploading their audio during the creation process. A new ‘Sound sync’ feature can automatically synchronize your video with the beat of a chosen audio. And last but not least, the platform adds a ‘Template’ option while using which you can use a favorite video as a template for your own one.

Later last month Reels got a new option of ‘Remix for Photos’. The new feature allows mixing the Feed posts turning them into a Reels.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/meta-announces-new-updates-for-reels-including-interactive-stickers-sound/624829/

LinkedIn helps brands build their Media Presence

Last month LinkedIn added new elements to users’ profiles. Now users can showcase the projects and products they have been working on throughout their careers. A new sub-element within an ‘experience’ allows showcasing your contributions to the company you work for. In addition to this, they will be linked to the Product Page of your company’s profile which provides more exposure for the brand. In this respect, marketers get more opportunities to promote product pages, and job seekers find appropriate job openings. Newsletters and Articles got a new option of adding hashtags and mentions to boost engagements.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/linkedin-adds-product-listings-on-profiles-new-engagement-options-to-build/625088/

YouTube improves TV/Mobile device connectivity

YouTube has found the best way to boost ‘second screening’. The new feature that YouTube rolled out last month, provides a new viewing experience. It allows users to connect their mobile devices to their TVs and watch videos on a bigger screen. But the most interesting thing about this new feature is that you can interact with the video you’re watching from your phone. The idea is not new actually, but in this case, your mobile device is the extension of your TV. This option can be utilized if both devices are linked to the same Google account.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/youtube-launches-new-process-to-connect-your-mobile-device-with-your-tv-vie/624753/

TikTok improves Creative Center Platform

TikTok’s Creative Center Platform is constantly evolving to provide a better handle on the app. Last month TikTok added new elements that provide extra insight for marketers. From now on marketers will have access to trending songs, hashtags, performance statistics, key influencers, etc. New tools like ‘See analytics’ and you will be able to trace the popularity of any given song over time, users’ demographic insights, and their related interests. Trending hashtags can also be broken down by region. The ‘Creators’ tab provides more info about top influencers on the platform by region. In a nutshell, the Creative Center Platform provides a heap of insightful data for the marketer’s needs.

More Details: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/tiktok-adds-new-insights-to-its-creative-center-platform-including-data-on/624895/

Hope this digest was useful. You have just finished reading but are already working on July’s Media Digest to make the world of Social Media closer to you. In case you need any advice on the latest updates, do not hesitate to reach out to VAfromEurope.