How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You With Research 

The idea of admin assistants is not new. Actually, business and company owners have been relying on administrative support in their day-to-day work and sometimes even in their personal matters for ages. Their personal assistants have been managing their correspondence and business schedules, making hotel/restaurant/flight bookings. How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You With Research let’s find out.   

The development of technologies and conferencing software gives you access to the global pool of talent. So, it is no surprise that nowadays administrative assistance goes online as well.  

You might be wondering what else you can delegate to a virtual administrative assistant apart from keeping your notes and managing your schedule. The truth is that a VA can be very flexible in their roles and can perform any tasks assigned to them. Though there is one specific area a VA can make a significant impact in. In other words, virtual assistants are particularly good at conducting research.  

 Lots of business processes from copywriting, proposal drafting, and even marketing-related stuff like unveiling your competitors’ marketing strategy, etc. require thorough and extensive research. Virtual Assistants are incredibly successful in this area and can help your company unleash its potential and boost productivity.   

What is a VA and who needs one? 

There is no need to dwell upon who a Virtual Administrative Assistant is as we’ve done that already in here ( VAs mostly handle mundane, routine, or time-consuming tasks that often distract you from concentrating on your primary goals. They can be self-employed or team up with VA Agencies, which is more convenient for the customer since in this case, a VA is much easier to replace. VAs possess a variety of professional skills but can also specialize in specific areas like marketing and SM, copywriting, research, graphic design, etc. 

You can hardly find an industry where at least some kind of research is not needed. Though some areas can require some special sort of knowledge, there also are multiple ways for a VA to help with it, especially if you are a small business owner and cannot afford to hire a whole team for that purpose. 

 Marketing. VAs can be an invaluable source of information in this respect to boost your marketing strategy. They can easily reveal the current trends in the industry and help your sales team to draft proposals. Keyword research is another vital thing no business can do without. Knowing what people are searching for is key to boosting SEO and sales, as a result.     

Media and publishing. Journalists and writers can appreciate VAs’ help in managing interviews and schedules, summarizing, data and graphics, proofreading, fact-checking, SM accounts, etc. in this case they can concentrate on a bigger picture rather than collecting details. Amateur writers can get help with agents and publishing companies’ searches, collecting facts and information, etc. 

Law. VAs can take a basic legal research and fact-checking off your plate because they often possess a background in law. They can also manage appointments, follow up with customers, emails, and SM. 

IT technologies. IT sector can outsource Virtual Assistants for analyzing competitors, and trends identification, collecting customers’ feedback to improve your existing products or create new ones. Besides that, they can source the best courses and training for your staff to improve their expertise.  

Content writing. Making up creative and captivating content for your SM, website, or blog that represent your brand can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming. Here comes the necessity to reveal current trends and keywords, and source new creative ideas.    

Facts/figures and products/services research. You probably spend a lot of time looking for a piece of specific information. Your VA can even find specific policies, contract drafts, or proposals. In fact, they can even make first drafts for you. Sometimes you can even delegate such mundane tasks as picking up the right solution for your business, whether it is the Internet provider or a stationary supplier.   

Personal assistance. As we have already mentioned, VAs can be very flexible with tasks they are assigned and do not necessarily have to stick to them. You can always delegate some of your personal tasks to them too so that you can concentrate on growing your business. As your personal assistant, a VA can arrange your vacation, book hotels and restaurants for you, or even buy presents for your family and friends. All you need to do is provide your VA with some guidelines and he or she will do the rest.    

In other words, your Virtual Assistant can be your secret and a key to success. Sometimes looking for a perfect assistant yourself is not worth your time so you can delegate this task to a trustworthy VA Agency where a team of experts can find a perfect match for you and your business. VAfromEurope could provide the right candidate for you to help your business succeed.