December Social Media Digest

Christmas is over, as well as a holiday rush. And we hope you had fun. Traditionally, December was not rich in Social Media updates. Nevertheless, we’ve got something special for you again.    

Facebook is looking to facilitate Reels creation 

Even if you do not have your video, in the meantime Facebook can turn your photos, and stories into Reels. In this way, the platform is trying to facilitate Reels creation and get users to tap into the same trend. Meta developed lots of new tools to simplify the process of creation of short-form videos, so you literally don’t have to do anything. By doing so, Facebook wants to prevent users from migrating to TikTok.    

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Instagram sets up a new recovery center 

If you find yourself locked from your account, the whole new recovery center can provide you with logging instructions and guide you through the process according to four possible scenarios. The recovery center is available at: If a user manages more than one account, he/she will be able to specify which account needs support. One or two of your friends will also be able to help you verify your identity. This feature is now available for everybody.     

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Instagram adds a new element to Account Status 

This new element aims at showing you whether your content is eligible for recommendations. The feature is available for all users. It can be very handy as it provides more transparency within the app and more insight into ‘shadowbans’. The yellow alert can be tapped to learn more about what might be wrong with your content. You can also see the violation example and the explanations. So, if your reach drops, you might want to check the alerts. If you don’t have any alerts, your content might not be simply engaging.  

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Twitter rolls out new Placement Controls for Ad 

Twitter is striving to create a healthy communication environment. But to keep the wheels turning the platform needs sponsored content. The platform developed a new ad placement control dashboard so the advertisers can choose certain keywords to be avoided when placing the ad. The new Adjacency Controls will filter out the tweets with chosen keywords. What’s more, the platform is going to expand its partnership with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science. They both can provide transparency on the context of ad placement and validate if Twitter upholds the GARM Brand Safety Floor.    

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YouTube rolls out a set of updates 

YouTube is trying to streamline the process of creating Shorts. So, choosing a thumbnail became much easier on Android in December. This option had been available before, but now the process is streamlined. Though you won’t be able to change that after the video is uploaded. One of the updates that are worth being looked at is a series of videos about Shorts on the Creators channel. Those videos cover questions about algorithms, best tips, and practices. And finally, YouTube rolled out ‘Aloud’ system that can dub your video into several languages. It can significantly expand your audience though you will have sign up for the pre-test for now.    

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We hope you’re still having fun this holiday season. You’re probably still resting, but we are already working to collect the hottest SM news for you. To stay tuned sign up for our monthly VAfromEurope newsletter.