Delegating: Why Some Managers Fail To Delegate

The work of VAfromEurope is closely connected to delegation. The company’s success and development often depend on the managers being able to delegate tasks and provide clear instructions in a timely manner. 

Delegating means transferring some of your or your company’s tasks to another person/organization. Delegating is a necessary management skill that frees you up on the way to a bigger goal and helps you manage your to-do list. However, some managers find this skill to be the hardest to utilize.    

Reasons may differ. Some managers believe that only they can do it the right way, or they don’t want to share the knowledge they possess and want to feel indispensable. Sometimes managers lack trust in their employees, or they simply do not know how to do it. Whatever the reason is the refusal or inability to delegate may have negative consequences like the manager being overloaded and employees lacking growth opportunities.  

Though many studies show that managers that possess the crucial skill of delegating excel their colleagues in total revenue, boosting the company’s morale and productivity. The reasons the manager fails to delegate might be different from what he or she says: 


The delegation process aims at: 

  • Effectively achieving objectives. 
  • Utilizing employees’ skills and capacity.  
  • Freeing up time to focus on a bigger goal, completing growth and development tasks instead of routine tasks. 
  • Focusing on tasks that require the manager’s personal experience and knowledge.  
  • Motivating and educating employees. 
  • Improving your company’s culture. 
  • Accomplishing more in less time. 




To achieve the desired goal the delegation process can be roughly broken down into several stages: 


In general, there are a few tips that can help a manager to acquire the pivotal skill of delegating: 

  • Take the focus off yourself and look around. There might be better equipped colleagues to complete any given task. Be sure to delegate this one. By doing that you will kill two birds with one stone taking a task off your plate and showing your trust. 
  • Try to plan and play your employees’ strengths. If you have an assignment that can improve your employee’s skills, both company and the employee will benefit from that. 
  • Just be patient and allow for failure especially if you delegate a certain task for the first time. The more your employee gets familiar with the task, the faster this task will be accomplished next time. 
  • Prioritize your tasks and focus on what you’re best at and what brings the most value. 

Delegating can be easy if you know how to delegate and, more importantly, whom to delegate. VAfromEurope is a VA Agency with extensive experience in many fields. If you’re looking for a trustworthy agency to turn to, give us a call, and let’s schedule a meeting.