January Social Media Digest

The beginning of the new year and January itself is the time for analyzing. Analyzing if your business and marketing strategies were successful. We are here to give you more information on upcoming social media updates and features for you to use to improve it.


Facebook rolls out an option for saving links

How many times have you been trying to find that useful link you’ve been just interacting with, but you can’t? however, this feature is not completely new. It has been available to some users for some time already. So now all the users are getting access to the list of links they have interacted with over the last month. However, this feature is not available on the desktop version of the app. The archive feature can be turned on anytime and saves the links for 30 days. It holds the links you’ve checked on via the mobile app but not the private messaging. But the trash can be emptied anytime.

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Meta updates targeting

That is a new update for marketers. In January Meta updated their targeting options by removing and consolidating some of them. We are talking about options that can be perceived as questionable and sensitive. This month the platform starts removing interests related to ethnical/health/race issues, however, the sets containing them can be utilized till mid-March. Hence, you’ll have to reset marketing campaigns and targeting settings. However, there is no information on what categories are being removed so far.

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Instagram improves privacy

It might not be something big, but still handy. If you do not want anybody to know that you’ve read the message, now you do not have to. It means that now you can turn off and on the ‘Seen’ notice in your DM. The most important thing is that this feature is available for each particular conversation, so you just need to update the chat setting by tapping the profile picture.

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Google implements AI technology

Google implements AI technology for Chrome that can assist you in many ways. Now that you’ve got an option to make your wallpaper using AI on the Chrome desktop version so that you can personalize your experience. You can access this feature in the Customize Chrome bar and follow the tips. What’s more, users now are getting access to the ‘Help me write’ assistant, which is going to give prompts for writing blog posts, reviews, etc. In addition to this, the new update will help you consolidate all your open tabs for your convenience, so you will be able to track your activity.

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Microsoft Assistant helps you create ads

This is a potentially useful feature for marketers. Retail Media Creative Studio is aimed at helping retailers get a totally new experience in ad creation. This process requires creativity, experience, and knowledge of the requirements of each SM and platform you’re making those ads for. The assistant will be able to make banners just by using the URL for the product and banners themselves can be further edited by users. Therefore, all the ad suggestions will automatically align with the requirements of each platform.

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January was the month of AI tools and updates since it is taking over in many aspects. But VAfromEurope is still using human hands and creativity to deliver the hottest news of each month.