September Social Media Digest

Autumn is taking its toll on nature. Trees are shedding leaves and vacation season is over. Nevertheless, the world of marketing never sleeps. September turned out to be a month of tests, announcements, and allegations. Though we’ve got a bunch of news that might come in handy for your marketing strategy.  

Meta simplifies switching between accounts  

Meta is trying to draw more attention to Facebook and boost users’ engagement on the app. Since people are using different applications, the platform is looking to simplify switching between accounts and profiles. The new switcher will show all the Facebook and Instagram accounts connected together and the number of notifications on each app. What’s more, Meta is also launching new registration and login process to streamline their experience on the apps.      

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Instagram stops splitting 60 seconds videos 

With the shift to video content, Instagram will no longer split short videos under 60 seconds into segments. The new feature becomes available when you update your application. The platform is looking to merge all the video formats and maximize user engagement by widening video availability. All in all, Instagram is trying to embed AI recommendations to make a platform more relevant for the user and double the exposure of creators.  

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Twitter is going to embrace video trends 

Twitter is looking to get people to spend more time on the application. The first update is a full-screen mode for the tweeted videos. You can do this within one click. If you scroll up, you will be able to browse more entertaining videos. Tapping back arrows allows you to go back to your Feed. Twitter’s algorithm is going to pick the best-performing videos in the app. The new ‘For you’ carousel display provides more videos, which you can discover by tapping the ‘Explore tab’. The new features can be an attempt to align with more successful video platforms.  

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Twitter is looking for more exposure 

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. That is why this is the first app to turn to in search of wider exposure. At the beginning of September, all users in India got access to WhatsApp sharing button. So, the users can now opt for WhatsApp option to share the tweet they liked with the list of their contacts. On the other hand, the app has already provided other sharing options like sharing to LinkedIn, or IG Stories, so now it is probably a turn of WhatsApp. 

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LinkedIn improves messaging experience 

The platform is looking to improve the users’ messaging experience by launching the ‘Focused Inbox’ UI. The main idea of this feature is to re-route irrelevant or junk messages to the ‘Other’ tab. Well, from now on your inbox is going to be split into two sections – ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’. The intelligent display will categorize inbox messages in terms of their relevance to the user. This new feature is kind of tricky because for now, nobody knows where the sponsored messages are going to end up. On one hand, they might be totally irrelevant to the user. On the other hand, brands paid money to promote them. Besides that, the new feature is going to grow smarter, based on the way you use it.      

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TikTok expands Live Streams with more users 

Live Streams are gaining its momentum. Last month more users got an option to add up to 5 users to their stream. Each guest is going to get a separate box. Brands might also find this new feature useful as they can use it for showcasing or previewing their products since the application offers live shopping features. Besides that, this is a good chance to facilitate collaboration between influencers and brands.  

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Last month many companies made announcements and launched live tests so October will probably be quite fruitful and is going to bring us new features.  VAfromEurope is constantly striving to implement the latest SM trends into our marketing strategy and help our customers do the same. If you need a piece of advice, don’t hesitate and give us a call. 

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