Social Media Marketing: 10 Rules For How To Succeed

Starting work with social media without any serious experience may be a difficult task. The key point is to understand the basics of social media marketing so that you can use its power for raising your client base drastically. Follow these 10 rules to build a solid foundation of your success: from increasing quality to improving your entry points, which will have a positive impact on your customers, your company and – the last but not the least – your profit.

1. The art of listening

Remember, listening is more important than talking about content and social media marketing. For being able to produce truly valuable content and kindle discussions that add worth rather than confusion to your audience’s lives, the first step you have to be aware of their scope of interest. Browse your target clients’ web content and take part in conversations to learn more about things, important to them.

2. Stay focused

It’s preferably to be a highly specialized expert than a jack-of-all-trades. A purposeful marketing strategy aimed to create a powerful brand is more likely to be successful than an extensive strategy “everything for everybody”.

3. Quality first

People say quality every time trumps quantity. Would you prefer to have 1000 users, who actually read, spread and discuss your product with their audiences or a few thousand connections that vanish after clicking on your link for the first time?

4. Grow your patience

Success, especially in social media and content marketing industry, doesn’t happen overnight. You may try to catch lightning in a bottle, but normally you’d better prepare yourself for the long ride before achieving satisfying results.

5. Look for compounding

You already know, how to attract quality followers, now make them work for you. If you manage to publish interesting, worth content, they will happily share it in their own profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tell people about you in their own blogs etc.

The more people talk about your content, the more they share and the more entry points are being opened for searching systems like Google to search out by keywords. It may end up in hundreds and thousand ways for more people to find you on the Internet.

6. Make influence

Spend a good amount of time on looking for online celebrities in your market who already have a wide quality audience and may be interested in your services and products. Connect with such people and try to build relationships between you and them.

If they notice you and find you a reliable, attractive source of helpful information, they are likely to spread a word about your content among their own followers, which could open up new horizons for your business.

7. Value your value

Don’t spend all your time on only promoting your services and products, because people get bored and eventually stop listening. You want to add more value in what you do. Pay more attention to creating engaging content and growing your relationships with influential people. Gradually, they will become a driving force of word-of-mouth promoting of your business.

8. Acknowledge people

Don’t ignore people who reach out to you online. Vast relationships network is one of the most important parts of social media marketing, and you never know who of these people are your key to success.

9. Be accessible

You must be easy to reach by your audience. Online readers are capricious and they won’t hesitate too long to replace you, if you’re absent for a few months or even weeks. Don’t let them forget you, publish new content frequently and actively participate in discussions.

10. The law of reciprocity

People tend to pay one in his own coin, so allocate some time you spend online on sharing other content and getting involved in their conversations. Don’t expect users to promote your products if you don’t show interest in what they do.